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Michael Frank
December 15, 1940 semi-retired Married 3
Barb, my wife of 47 years, and I have three grand-daughters, Jaclyn 15, Olivia 12, and Samantha 9.I am semi-retired from Arrow Wine & Spirits. We spend most of our summer on Herrington Lake in Kentucky and Jan-Feb on Siesta Key with many classmates in the area. Send Michael a MessageSend Michael a Message
Marilyn Kitchen (Halteman)
May 01, 1940 Retired Married 3
Will be fun to connect with classmates. Thank you, Tom Murph, for all the work you have put into this project and thank you, Tom Temple, for your work over the many years. Send Marilyn a MessageSend Marilyn a Message
Dee Flatter (Harris)
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December 11, 1940 Semi-retired Divorced
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Heide Hegele (Hemker)
September 25, 1940 Retired College Bookstore Manager Married 2
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Ron n/a (Hill)
January 25, 1940 Dentist DMD Married 2
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Patricia Smith (Hohm)
April 15, 1940 retired Married 2
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Marjorie Pashkow (Kaplan)
April 10, 1940 Director of an Education Institute Single 2
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Janice Hatch (Keaffaber)
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July 27, 1941 writer Married 3
Hi all,

I got married and moved to CA right after graduating from Indiana Univ.  in Bloomington. Have spent the last 50+ years as a writer and working as a human rights and animal rights activist. We have three children and one 9 yr old granddaughter.

After all these years, I just found this website! Sorry to have missed so many reunions and connections.
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David Kuhlman
August 31, 1940 Senior Chemist Married 2
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Philip Lehman
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November 16, 1939 Director Married 3
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