Uniview Wifi Mini-Bullet Camera – Configuration and Review

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Uniview Wifi Mini-Bullet Camera – Configuration and Review

Introduction – Versatile Camera Solution

Are you interested in purchasing a security camera, but are concerned with the cost or difficulty of installation? In most scenarios, the camera must have a physical wire connecting the camera to the NVR or a PoE switch in the network. This is easy in homes with unfinished basements, but could be very time-consuming or costly in a fully built house. Luckily, we have a product which makes this a lot easier.

A perfect solution is Uniview’s IPC2122SR3-F40W-D, a 2MP Mini-Bullet IP Wireless Camera which supports Wi-Fi connection over the 2.4 GHz frequency. Instead of running a cable directly from the camera to the NVR, you only have a run a cable from the camera to the nearest power outlet! This adds a lot of flexibility to the installation, and saves cost as well. Additionally, the Uniview wifi camera has a built-in MicroSD card allowing for standalone recording without an NVR.

Wifi Camera Installation

When purchased as part of a kit, the IPC2122SR3-F40W-D wifi cameras will already be paired with the NVR301-08LS2-W wireless NVR. Both the cameras and NVR need to be plugged into power and within range of each other. Once that’s done, the cameras will automatically connect and display on the NVR. Connect a monitor via VGA or HDMI to the back of the NVR to view the live video and playback.

Uniview Wifi Kit (NVR301-08LS2-W + IPC2122SR3-F40W-D)

Testing Uniview Wifi Camera

To demonstrate the performance of Uniview’s wifi camera, we installed one at the front lobby of our office. The camera is installed ~9ft high on the ceiling, and powered through a Cat5e cable fed through the ceiling into a nearby wall outlet. Despite having a 4.0mm lens, this camera has a sufficiently wide angle of 86.5° horizontally. This is perfect for our office, as you can see from the follow image.

Wifi camera snapshot from the front of our office. The camera captures very wide angle despite a 4.0mm lens.

Uniview wifi cameras also allow you to connect to a nearby 2.4GHz wireless network. You’ll need to connect the camera to a local area network using an ethernet cable first. Login to the camera, and go to Setup > Network > Network > Wi-Fi. Here’s you’ll see a list of nearby networks you can connect the camera to. After connecting the camera, you’ll be able to view it through your wifi network or remotely via P2P cloud service.

Wireless camera settings from the web interface. You can connect your wifi camera to the local network using your router’s wifi.


Uniview’s Wifi cameras and NVR are a cost-effective way to improve the location of a place where regular PoE cameras would be difficult to install. With a powerful wifi antennae and a wide 86.5° FOV, you can ensure reliable coverage with Uniview’s wireless security camera. These cameras have the ability to record standalone with a microSD card. They can also record locally to an NVR, or automatically pair with a Uniview wifi NVR. Call us at (905)367-7177 or send an email to [email protected] for more information.