How to Enable Uniview Face Detection on EZStation

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How to Enable Uniview Face Detection on EZStation


Face detection has long been a feature of Uniview’s smart analytics since 2016 [1]. Until recently, the features were limited to trigger actions such as snapshot, email, or triggering a recording/alarm output. Additionally, you could only access the snapshots of the cameras from the NVR directly, or through Internet Explorer with the web plugin.

In 2020, Uniview’s VMS client “EZStation (64-bit)” was updated to include the Face Recognition tab where you can manage and view all face snapshot information. For those with a Uniview AI NVR, you can also add a monitoring task that will detect and display the names of people you add into the Face Library. Uniview Face Detection is easy to setup on your existing NVR by following the steps in this article.

Setup Face Detection (Camera/NVR Side)

First, you need to setup Face Detection from the Uniview NVR. This can be enabled by logging into the web interface of the recorder, under the “Smart” settings tab. Double check you have drawn a box or enabled full screen face detection for your camera.

You must select which channels to enable Face Detection. You can select which channel directly under “VCA Config” in the smart settings menu. For the best results, install the camera to a maximum height of 9’ above the ground. Installing the cameras any higher will result in a loss of clarity with faces.

Uniview NVR Enabling Face Detection in Web Interface
Face detection can be enabled via the Smart settings tab. If you don’t see this page, please update your NVR to the latest firmware.

Setup Face Detection (EZStation Software)

If you don’t already have EZStation, please download the latest version from the Uniview Website. After opening the software, navigate to Control Panel –> Smart (bottom right corner) –> Face Recognition to open the Face Recognition tab. Within this tab, you will have multiple sub-tabs such as Realtime Monitoring, Face Library Management, Monitoring Task, and more.

You can make use of the deep-learning face recognition with a Uniview AI NVR, by adding people into the Face Library. Without an AI NVR, you can still use the Realtime Monitoring and Pass-Thru Records tabs to see all people captured by the cameras.

Uniview EZStation Pass-thru Records Tab
A pass-thru record search showing all face snapshots detected by the camera. You can search by date or within a specific time interval.
Uniview EZStation Realtime Monitoring Tab
The camera(s) must be active in the live view to show faces when people pass by. Face Detection must also be enabled on each camera.


Uniview’s Face Detection feature is a very useful addition to an existing security system. It doesn’t cost anything, and can be enabled simply by updating the EZStation software to the latest version and toggling a few settings within the NVR.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the latest in security camera technology. If you have any questions about this article and would like to inquire further, you can contact us via email: [email protected] or call us at (905)367-7177 during normal business hours.