How to Enable ColorHunter White Light via Motion Detection

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How to Enable ColorHunter White Light via Motion Detection


Uniview’s IPC3615SE-ADF28KM-WL-I0 is an excellent security camera for capturing a scene in vivid colour details. It comes equipped with two powerful white-light LEDs, which turn on in low ambient-light environments to provide a clear image to the scene. However, what if you don’t want these lights to turn on automatically in the dark?

A few clients have been asking us if the camera can turn on the white lights based on motion detection, and thankfully Uniview has provided a solution. Follow the steps outlined in this article, and you will have a clear understanding how to setup the ColorHunter white light cameras in no time!


First, you should have a Uniview ColorHunter camera powered up and plugged into your network. You should also have a laptop/PC connected to the network. If you need help finding the camera’s IP, you can download the EZTools 2.0 software.

Second, you must download the latest firmware for your ColorHunter camera. If you are using an IPC3615SE-ADK28(40)KM-WL-I0 (currently the most popular ColorHunter model) you can download the firmware from this link: GIPC-B6202.3.69.L63.210702

Uniview maintenance settings for updating the NVR firmware
Ensure your Uniview ColorHunter is updated to the latest firmware

Configuration of White Light on Motion Detection

To begin, first login to the web interface of your ColorHunter camera. This setting cannot be configured through the NVR, so logging into the camera directly is a must. Next, upgrade your camera to the latest firmware: System > Maintenance > Local Upgrade > Select the firmware downloaded from the prerequisites section.

Second, please turn off the Smart Illumination feature. You can find this under Image > Image > Smart Illumination. If you do not complete this step, the motion will not be able to trigger the white light.

Lastly, you need to setup an intelligent motion detection area under the Intelligent > Smart > Perimeter Protection menu of the camera. You can choose to setup a Cross Line, Enter Area, Leave Area, or Intrusion Area to trigger the white lights. Setup an area, then select Trigger Actions and check “Alarm Light”. You can set the alarm light to turn on from 1 to 60 seconds upon being triggered. You can also set this according to a schedule, so the lights will only trigger during a certain part of the day.

Uniview Intelligent cross line settings for triggering the white light
Don’t forget to enable the Alarm Light under trigger actions!


To reiterate, there are just a few easy steps to setup the ColorHunter white light on motion detection.

  • Login to the web interface of camera, update to latest firmware
  • Turn off Smart Illumination
  • Setup an intelligent motion detection area, set trigger action to “Alarm Light”

Once completed, you can try walking into the motion area to see if you’ve setup the camera correctly. If it worked, you will notice the white light LEDs blink repeatedly once you cross the detection zone. At night time, this should be enough to deter an unwanted intruder from trespassing.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to give us a call at (905) 367-1777 or send us an email via [email protected]