Uniview ColorHunter – 24/7 Colourful Image

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Uniview ColorHunter – 24/7 Colourful Image


Typically, most CCTV cameras will turn to a black & white image at night, due to the limitation of ambient light in the scene. To meet this challenge, Uniview has developed a new type of security camera. Launched in 2021, the ColorHunter series continues to build upon their successful Starlight and LightHunter cameras, offering a platform with 24/7 colour image.

Uniview takes their LightHunter series to the next level by adding supplement white-light LEDs to the camera. This combination of F1.0 super large aperture, backside-illuminated CMOS sensor, and warm light LEDs are what makes the ColorHunter cameras the best choice for a low-light environment. You can read more about the technology behind the ColorHunter cameras here – ColorHunter Technology by Zhejiang Uniview Technologies Co., Ltd.

IPC3615SE-ADF28KM-WL-I0 – 5MP ColorHunter Turret

As of March 2021, Uniview currently has two models for IP ColorHunter listed on their website, which are under the ‘Prime III’ series. The most popular model is IPC3615SE-ADF28KM-WL-I0, which is turret camera with 5MP (2880*1620 @ 25fps) resolution and a built-in microphone. This camera also has a MicroSD card slot and two bright white LED with up to 98ft of range.

The Uniview ColorHunter will switch into white-light mode when the ambient light of the scene is not enough to produce a clear image. This means instead of a black/white image, you’ll be able to see in full colour even at night or in a dark room.

Uniview ColorHunter
Based on our initial impression, the Uniview ColorHunter’s LED is very powerful and bright.

Testing Uniview ColorHunter Series

To showcase the features of the Uniview ColorHunter series, we choose IPC3615SE-ADF28KM-WL-I0 for testing. We also tested a regular UNV starlight 5MP turret, to see how it would compare. Both cameras were mounted on a tripod in a dark room, to approximately the same angle for consistency. We were very impressed with the Uniview ColorHunter camera, see the images for yourself!

It’s really a night and day comparison between the traditional IR camera and the white LED ColorHunter cameras. With a powerful built-in floodlight, the 5MP ColorHunter can produce a clear and colourful image of the scene. Additionally, the camera has a wide angle of 102.0° which is great when you need to capture a large scene. The white light LEDs produce a cleanly lit image across the entire field of view.


Uniview’s ColorHunter series may have a quirky name, but it’s certainly a welcome addition to the company’s product portfolio. A 24/7 colour image camera is a powerful deterrent to would-be thieves, especially considering most crimes are committed at night. Currently the market for 24/7 colour cameras is small, but we predict the market will quickly grow over the next few years.

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