FAIRVIEW 58 Website Instructions

LINK  www.fairview58.org


CAUTION,  If you don’t use the above Link(roll over and click on fairview58), a general “search” is likely to result in Fairview schools in Ok., Oh, and out East.  (Not Us)


When you get to our “WELCOME PAGE” look for the Maypole dance and  Scotchettes Pic and the Bulldog at the top.

NOW, the first thing you should do, is “mark” this site so you can return easily.

Your internet supplier (ie AOL, ATT etc.) gives you a “Browser” that comes up when you click onto the “Net”.  Each browser has an easy way to keep track of sites like ours that you want to visit frequently.  There should be a button at the top labeled “FAVORITES” or “BOOKMARKS” or “Shape of Heart”(Aol).

Click on Favorites and you will get box that says “Add a favorite”, then after clicking on that, a box with “Fairview High School” will appear, and then click “ADD”.

That sets up your easy return link, in the future when you get on the net, click “Favorites” and a drop down box will appear with a FAIRVIEW line, click on that and you will be back at our site.  Now that you know how to get here we’ll proceed.



Now that you are on the WELCOME ‘58’ Page you will see a pale Yellow Bar on the left, which contains all our Page Titles, ie “Photo Albums”. If you roll your cursor over a title you will notice it changes to a “hand” symbol and the Title changes color. If you click on that title you will go to that page.  All the pages have the same Yellow bar at the top left so you can click on any page title to go to that page.

To look at the contents of any page you need to use the scroll bar on the right side of your screen by clicking on the up or down arrows or using the scroll wheel on your mouse. Most of the photos and articles will enlarge in a new window if you click on them and wait a few seconds.  When you go to the Memorials Page if you want to read the Obituary or Tribute you must click on that label for the person.  You can also add your own comments by clicking on the “Add a Tribute” label. It should be noted that data you enter must be approved by me before it appears on the website, so give me a day or two.


The text under “BULLETIN” will be frequently updated, containing data on “New Stuff” recently added and the appropriate Page.  The “FAIRVIEW related Links” will take you to other peoples web sites of interest. – For example – to go to the “CLASS of 1966” site, roll over the small print to the right and you will see a “hand” appear and the text change. Click and you will go there. The “BACK” Button at the top left of your browser may take you back to the previous page if you desire.


1. I input data into the CLASSMATES, MEMORIALS, or GUEST BOOK etc. Page and when I go back and check the Data I put in, it is not there.  Your data is there, but waiting to be approved by the webmaster.  I have to ck it for content and then release it to the site, to protect all from malicious entries.
2 I hear from a site called CLASSMATES.COM, Does that have anything to do with our site?  They want to charge me.  NO, that site is a national clearinghouse for all schools, some of our classmates post their info on there, but it has nothing to do with our site.
I wonder if people know that if they put their cursor on the luncheon picture (or any picture as on FaceBook or the picture of you and Tom on either side of the front FHS sign) that the picture that comes up can be magnified with the little + or - sign.  I had a delightful time looking at the faces of all of us (some = eyes closed, some laughing, some looking away, looking up etc.)  What fun.
PSS  I forgot to mention (for all the non computer Geeks) - once you get the picture enlarged, just use the left to right scroll bar at the bottom and the up and down one on the right to see everyone close up.
One last thought to make getting to the website easier --- once there, put your cursor anywhere in the white space and right click.  A menu will come up and in about the middle it will say "create shortcut".  Click on that and say "yes".  Now there will be a blue box icon on their desk top that they can double click on any time and go right to the website.
(Guess once a teacher - always a teacher.) 
For all us "mature ones" tell them they will learn more from their mistakes than from their son, daughter or grand child who probably has no patience.  THE COMPUTER WILL NOT BLOW UP IN THEIR FACES.  
                  Linda Hill Simon