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Uniview White Light via Motion Main Banner Image

How to Enable ColorHunter White Light via Motion Detection

Introduction Uniview’s IPC3615SE-ADF28KM-WL-I0 is an excellent security camera for capturing a scene in vivid colour details. It comes equipped with... read more

Uniview Accessories Guide Junction Boxes

Q4 2021 Uniview Accessories Guide

Uniview IPC Accessories Guide   Uniview-IPC-Accessories-Installation-Guide-2021Q4-1009 Click here for full PDF download - Updated on 10/28/2021 Browse all available brackets and accessories on... read more

Uniview Smart Intrusion Prevention - Banner Image for Blog Human And Vehicle Detection

Uniview Smart Intrusion Prevention – Human and Vehicle Detection

Introduction Uniview is a video surveillance manufacturer which invests ~15%[1] of annual revenue in research and development. Over 50% of... read more

Banner Image - Enabling Face Detection on Uniview EZStation

How to Enable Uniview Face Detection on EZStation

Introduction Face detection has long been a feature of Uniview’s smart analytics since 2016 [1]. Until recently, the features were... read more

Uniview Wifi Camera Blog Banner

Uniview Wifi Mini-Bullet Camera – Configuration and Review

Introduction – Versatile Camera Solution Are you interested in purchasing a security camera, but are concerned with the cost or... read more

How to use EZTools 2.0 - Website Banner

How to Use EZTools 2.0 – Camera Management and Search Tool

Introduction EZTools 2.0 is a powerful camera discovery tool made by Zhejiang Uniview Technologies Co. It is a major update... read more

Uniview ColorHunter Banner GS Global Security

Uniview ColorHunter – 24/7 Colourful Image

Introduction Typically, most CCTV cameras will turn to a black & white image at night, due to the limitation of... read more

Matrix Access Control Banner

Matrix Access Control – Effective Security

Introduction GS Global Security is proud to introduce range of matrix access control products with complete people mobility management solutions... read more

What is GS Global Security?

Based in Canada, GS Global Security is one of the leading distributors of quality and reliable CCTV products. We have over 30 years of experience in the security industry, and have made a reputed name for ourselves. At GS Global Security, our expertise lies in state of art security solutions and devices for video surveillance purpose. We are located 30 mins north of Toronto, near HWY 400 and HWY 7. Visit our ‘Contact Us‘ page for address and directions.

What do we provide?

We seek to become your one stop shop for all CCTV cameras and security related products. With our one-stop easy shopping, large product selection and inventory in our warehouse, and great shipping rates across Canada, we ensure you get the best security cameras at a competitive price. Our knowledgeable team also provides quick support to you, ensuring you’re never left hanging while onsite.

Customer Satisfaction

At GS Global Security, we give utmost precedence to our customers by providing them the fastest support in the industry. Our experts are always available to answer your query, making sure that you do not have to keep waiting for a response. At all times, we guarantee to provide the fastest service along with accurate information, so that you can get the best security system as per your needs and budget. Our mission is to help you save time and money while offering the best security related products.

Our Products

We offer you all your security related products at an affordable price. GS Global Security is one of the leading distributors for Uniview IP Cameras. With extensive pre-sales support, we ensure you get the best camera solution for your next project. Please contact the GS Global Security team for any CCTV camera inquiries.

越南河内五分彩官网开奖记录 Security Cameras

Our video surveillance camera range includes indoor/outdoor cameras, TVI and IP, dome, turret, PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom). We also have the latest in 4k and wireless security cameras.

Analog HD Cameras

HD analog technology delivers remarkable megapixel image quality over other standard coax cable as well as being easy to install and use.

Network IP Security Cameras

We offer a range of IP cameras offering HD image quality, H.265 compression to conserve bandwidth, POE power, and access points.

Digital Video Recorders

Our security DVRs come in 4, 8, and 16-channel options. With the new prime series of DVRs you can get superior surveillance, affordable solutions, and face detection option along with 4K footage.

Hybrid DVRs

The hybrid DVRs at GS Global records video and data from both analog and IP cameras. Allowing you to utilize older analog technology with the latest IP cameras, a hybrid DVR is an excellent choice for a cost-efficient installation.

Network Video Recorders

Our network video recorders support ultra H.265 video format and are capable of recording anywhere from 1 to 128 network IP surveillance cameras. Our expansive lineup offers the perfect NVR solution for any project.

Video Security Accessories

We offer a wide range of LCD monitors, converters, cables, power supplies, enclosures, brackets, lenses, testers, TV mount and more.

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